PrestoNotes 4.80

Free post-it notes with reminders

PrestoNotes is a freeware tool for Windows that lets you write little memos and stick them on your screen. The notes may be accessed through the control panel, or through a simple context menu sitting in the Windows toolbar. So, you can show or hide a note with only 2 mouse clicks!

PrestoNotes is totally multilingual thanks to the addition of language files. English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Swedish languages are included in the installation package, but you can easily create and add a new language for the program. Illustrated help notes are also included in the program.

Take a look at what PrestoNotes features:

  • Customize notes in detail: background, text color, transparency, font, position, size, etc.
  • Always on top of other windows, or not
  • Possibility to open or save in an external file (.txt)
  • Add an automatic reminder to any note
  • Trigger one or more actions when a reminder is activated

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PrestoNotes 4.80